21 pieces of photographic evidence that prove the March for Science was awesome.

1. Thousands of scientists and the people who support themtook to the streets around the world on April 22, 2017.

2. The day (not-so) coincidentally happened to be Earth Day.

3. Varied were the messages on their signs and the chants rolling off their tongues. But one truth stayed consistent everywhere: They are not happy with President Trump.

4. The March for Science, officially held in Washington, D.C., expanded to over 600 satellite marches around the world.

5. From Berlin to London…

6. …and Boston to New York City.

7. People rallied in favor of evidence and research and against Trump’s unabashed disregard for scientific facts.

8. Consolidating all the issues into a single page would be quite a difficult task, honestly.

9. But through their signs and slogans, many marchers singled out the president’s indifference to climate change

10. … his alarming proposed budget cuts to science and research funding …

11. …and his administration’s general fondness for, um, “alternative facts” as the major factors inspiring them to lace up their marching shoes.

12. Because, yes, sometimes even the president needs to be reminded that the truth isn’t up for debate.

13. Nothing short of our survival is at stake, after all.

14. The march brought out an eclectic group of truth-tellers too, like those with an interest in what’s happening beyond our planet.

15. And those who care about what’s happening down below.

16. People of all ages were seen fighting for science some of them old, some of them young, and all of them fired up.

17. There were a few big-name scientists in the crowd as well.

Trailblazers Sally Ride, Mae Jamison, Ada Lovelace, Shirley Malcom, Jane Wright, and Rosalind Franklin also made (cardboard) appearances.

18. And Bill Nye, never without his bow tie, helped rally supporters in the nation’s capital.

19. Even four-legged friends trekked out in the cold because ignoring science affects every living thing.

20. The massive success of the March for Science makes it clear that now really isn’t the best time to remain silent.

21. Because, no matter your political persuasion, there is no Planet B to call home.

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