Cops Pull Over Suspected Drunk Driver, Then He Gets Out And Starts Juggling

Arkansas police noticed a man was driving with a brake light out andthe vehicle was going very slowly typically an indicator of drunk or impaired driving.

Officers decided to pull him over, then they noticed something else a bit weird: his license plate read “JUGGLER.”

The man was identified as 21-year-old Blayk Puckett, and he wasn’t drunk or impaired, just overly cautious.

I was driving my car down the road and one of the campus police officers got right behind me. I already knew that I had a brake light out so I was trying to drive as carefully as possible, Blayk told Inside Edition.

The cops accepted Blayk’s explanation and realized he was sober. One officer noticed that there was something in his pocket. Blayk slowly and calmly told them the truth: He’s a magician.

“My license plate read juggler so, he asked me if I wanted to give him a little show before he and the other officer left,” Blayk said. “I did a little bit of juggling for them, to make the traffic stop just a little bit more fun.”

The dash cam footage reveals the impromptu show, in whichBlayk juggles three bowling pins as the gleeful officers indulge in a probably much-needed break.

Ive never juggled or done any kind of magic for an officer before,” Blayk said. “Well, I mean, at least not while I was in the middle of a traffic stop. They were definitely having a good time. There was a lot of laughs.”

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