drag race fire truck vs fire water truck

This is a drag race at 2009 rocky mountain cummins truck fest this is a fire truck vs water truck good ol tax dollars

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  1. even volunteer fire departments get the money to buy the trucks from the
    town government so it is tax dollars,At least thats how it is in my town

  2. Actually this is government equipment. It’s a special tax district,
    chartered by the state and authorized to tax residents and enforce fire
    codes as deemed appropriate by the governing board – elected by the

  3. hey man, the fire service in florida has paramedics. we can give almost 50
    drugs, RSI, and even cric patients in the field without consulting a
    doctor. Things are different everywhere.

  4. How is this different than what these trucks do daily? They floor it much
    further than a 1/4 mile too… This is what these trucks are built FOR!

  5. A Cummins is a type of engine called a diesel. There are other brands such
    as Detroit Diesel, Powerstroke, etc… But we have some Japanese ones too
    such as Duramax.

  6. Our Volunteer Dept. has the fastest truck in the County. 343 is an F-350
    diesel that rides like a caddy. Has a 300 gallon tank and a four door cab.
    Gotta force yourself to drive slow, that puppie wants to fly!

  7. I have no idea how I came across this video. I’m curious to know if the
    water tender and the engine both had water in their tanks. Great
    video….thanks for the laugh. 

    1. I’d’ guess the tanker was empty, judging by how much faster it was than the
      engine. If they were full it’d probably be a lot closer.

  8. They’re both fire trucks. One is a pumper/engine, the other a tanker. Also,
    volunteer departments pay for their own trucks. The only thing they might
    get from the county is fuel. And they didn’t use that much of it there.

  9. เมืองนอก พนง.ดพ.มันว่างกันจัดรึงายนี่

    1. No, many departments pay for their own trucks and are not necessarily tied
      into any government, all you have to do is make sure to stay in compliance
      and certified.

    1. +Devin baldwin huyett
      Oh well … I think us knowledgeable people understand what they mean :P

  10. That is a Fire Engine and a Water Tender.

    A Truck has a ladder mounted on top and a tanker has wings and flies.

    Personally I believe the place that gets more fires that are larger gets
    more say in how the system operates, but then again what do I know with my
    logical thinking.

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