Farm Truck and 1968 Plymouth Road Runner Race

Can a 1968 Plymouth Road Runner and a Farm Truck race all out? PINKS All Out airs Thursdays at 8pm (5pm PT), only on SPEED.


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    1. +Revy If i had the money I could make a truck that fast to. My dads truck
      back in the day in a 8th of a mile would of gave farm truck a run for his
      money. a lot lighter at that as well. But I love <3 LOVE Farm truck

    1. +aliceisadog1 820 to the wheels NA 1070 to the wheels with whatever amount
      they sprayed. That 1150 is to the Crank NA.

    2. all those free parts he gets from being on that tv show i’m surprised he’s
      not at 3k horsepower by now.. it’s probably the most popular car on street
      outlaws so therefore he gets sponsered

    3. +coske389…..No doubt….not too many dudes can afford a $50,000 Sonny’s
      Big Block……….they all get cash for bein on the show…8 second street
      cars aint sumthin yall rip outta the garage Friday night’s…lol

    4. ??? I thought it was 750 or so.. According to the dyno on the new show..
      Without nitrous it was around 750.

  1. The profound secret to that truck hauling major (##) is his dog Louise.Yep
    right after the burn out he pulls up the seat and he puts Louise on the
    hidden treadmill,When hes staged he lets the steak on the string hang down
    and then the doggie goes after it.

    1. That was along time ago. Way before street outlaws came to be. That truck
      is so badass I love that monster!

    1. Rich was dazed that Farm Truck was fast and he was saying that it wasn’t
      possible that he won but the Farm Truck is a sleeper and flies under the

    2. +Arlene Price
      But you seem to have an issue with the exact reason why the Farmtruck was
      built. So if he thought the truck winning was a mistake isn’t that the

  2. hell yeah that farm truck. I also laugh because a lot of people sleep on
    the farm truck.

  3. I’m thinking about building myself one but a little different. I’m up for

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