Flaco’s 1100hp Turbo Truck vs. ALL @ TX2K12

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Flaco's 402ci 88mm Turbo powered reg. cab Chevy Pickup TEARING UP the streets of Houson! This truck is no joke!

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  1. Pretty cool for a 4500lb truck to b running with any of those cars. One day when all u kids grow up move out of your moms basement and actually own a car, build it, pay for it, and take it to the strip you’ll realize what it takes to make a heavy truck run that fast. Anything running a 9 and being street driven is insane.

    1. look old man your work truck really they aren’t made to run fast its called a sleeper remember those times passed old man lol

  2. This truck is what made me want to buy a pickup to turbo. I love it. Working on a 2005 f250 5.4 2wd. One day I hope it will put out about 600hp. Plenty for the slow cars where i live

    1. +RoadReaper Videos 2500 are heavier than 1500 and the 1500 is better looking than 2500 in my opinion

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