Higher Education COOL BUS Freestyle Monster Truck races

Higher Education "COOL BUS" putting on a show for the huge crowd at Centre 4 Speed just outside of Shediac Sunday afternoon during the Monster Truck & Demolition Derby. 1958 temperature Record broken on this hot sunny day & perfect conditions for the show. 4 Trucks in the competition including Black Stallion, Crushstation, Bounty Hunter & Higher Education!
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  1. “That’s great mister bus driver… but I’m late for class.”  One of the more unique looking MTs out there…  Interesting… Why do I never see this truck at the Monster Jam Rallies?

  2. this is not the cool bus i used to remember! the last one was a Wheel stander, driven by ken nelson which died in 2011, then we got this monster truck for a bus here.

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