Judges Snicker At 19-Year-Olds Outfit, But Theyre Left Dumbfounded 5 Words Into His Song

Michael Collings was a 19-year-old IT engineer living in a caravan with his mom and dad. He and his fiance, Sarah, had a baby on the way, which he candidly expressed to theBritain’s Got Talent cameras in the video below, posted on April 16, 2011.

He explains that it “wasn’t planned, but obviously, it just happened.”

The computer shop employee brings Sarah and his parents along for support as he prepares for his audition. Once it’s time for him to take the stage, he clutches his wooden guitar and walks out to greet the judges.

He is immediately met with a few concerned looks from the judges as they size up his outfit. They take a look at his bright-orange hoodie and gray sweatpants, and it seems they’re already making a few decisions about him in their heads. One judge snickers and whispers to the other, “He looks like he’s going on a long-haul flight.”

Michael’s outfit of choice may not be what the judges are expecting, but neither is his voice.

He begins strumming on his guitar, working up the courage to sing “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman. Once he opens his mouth, itis clear that the judge’s initial thoughts about Michael become irrelevant. The 19-year-old daddy-to-be sings the first five words of his audition song and the judges’ jaws drop.

They almost can’t believe that the gentle, soulful voice they are hearing is coming from Michael. They definitely know not to judge a book by its cover or outfit after Michael’s brilliant performance.

To hear the sultry voice that blows the judges and the entire audience away, check out the video below it’s a must see!

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