Ken Block Drift Truck New Video

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  1. It it were keen block it would have three things:
    Hoonigan an stickers all over it
    The number 43 on it
    Not be a truck

  2. Во первых это не Кен Блок,во вторых это не полноценный грузовик,у него сзади по одному колесу!Наебалово короче!

  3. I feel like if I were to order a package it would be here within the hour if he was driving

  4. This dude can drift anything on wheels… DAMN..!! and can you hear that engine .I need one to put in my pickup!!

  5. Everybody this isnt Ken block, it is Michiel becx he is a rally driver, i know it because my father is his navigator, and this video is from the Netherlands.

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