The Mega Truck Series kicked off their 2015 season opener at Rush Offroad park. They had a great obstacle course setup for the trucks and spectator viewing was awesome. It is always fun to watch these guy go out and run their trucks hard. Be sure and check out for more upcoming events.

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    1. funny,after thirty years at dirt tracks,both driving and
      pitting/watching…i just dont even hear the announcers
      anymore…background noise to me,when i raced my first hobby stock on a
      small “under” 1/4 mile dirt track (35 to 40 car fields with 120″ wheel
      bases,it were tight i tell ya)i was really shocked that i could hear the
      cheering in the stands AND the announcer too..blew my mind.i did pretty
      well with that car my first two years,my first race…lost my racing
      virginity..i had a total clean sweep,,set a new track record,won the
      dash,heat and main,32 cars that night,and we had inverted starts..i was
      right out back on that A main the time we got to the white,i
      still had two cars in front of me,,i could hear this girl i liked screaming
      at me to “go faster idiot”…so i was an awesome first
      night..17..never been behind the wheel of any type of race cars and a clean
      sweep..yeah baby…i had many more to over the years

    1. haha you must not know much about trucks , the engine on the second one is
      a diesel and it was smoking out sutt it’s supposed to do that , same thing
      a 18 wheeler uses

  1. Woah go go come on come on, oh yea go, go, go, go woah oh right this is
    turning me on…. go, go, go, wow yeah that’s right baby…

  2. I like these lightweight, loud and fast mega trucks much more than your
    average redneck mud truck

    1. Sorry man, The commercials help me be able to afford to travel to all the
      events and provide this footage for you to watch for free

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