Monster Truck, Bulldozer, Spaceships & Spid the racing car | Cartoon for kids about cars and trucks

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Spid the racing car is a fast red car like his friend Lightning McQueen from Cars. Spid – Race in Town is a truck cartoon for children in 3D. Follow Spid the red racing car races against other trucks or vehicules such as: Monsters trucks , snowplug, trucks, racing cars, cars and many other vehicles or spaceships . But before leaving to race, Spid must visit his friend Rob the robot to prepare for the races.

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If you like racing cars like Lightning McQueen de Disney Cars 2, trucks and vehicules adventures like Robocarpoli, Leo the truck, Paw Patrol or other trucks cartoons for children on YouTube , you will like this new truck cartoon for children !

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This article has 37 Comments

    1. Surprise syoT

  1. This garbage was featured on carthrottle XD
    A Ferrari 250 GTO with a V-twin engine, a ricer wing, a trombone exhaust
    and a turbo button raced and struggled with bulldozers.
    The internet is truly a magical place full of stupidity and nonsense.
    Haven’t had a good laugh in a while, thanks.

    1. Bruh I came here for CT people… And the V twin is seriously
      mind-boggling, good thing they didn’t put a toaster on the bulldozer to
      make it corner better

    2. Gotta love the narrator’s lack of knowledge as he adds a slab to the car to
      modify it. I mean whenever I do anything to my car’s suspension I always
      start by welding a massive slab to the underside of my car XD

    3. The explanation for the engine and exhaust note is simple: It’s one of
      those diesel V-Twins that they use in portable construction equipment like
      pressure washers or generators.

  2. Why does spid have a v twin engine? I get that this is for kids, but there
    is not a single correct thing about this other than the fact that you
    managed to get the general shape of a car down.

  3. How the blue bulldozer became 2nd when he crashed out? Did the yellow one
    got a post-race penalty?

    1. Yeah:D
      Also the only mod Spid really needs is a launch control because he is
      terrible at the race starts lol.

  4. Dude.The Logic:
    1.It’s Was Copycat Of Cars And Starwars
    2.And Also Ferrari (You Don’t Want To Mess With Ferrari Lawyer Right?)

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