Monster Truck Doing Doughnuts, Rubber Flying, Crushing Cars

Monster 4×4 Diesel Truck, Car Crushing Show At Sarasota Ford.

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  1. @1991tommygun v8, fule injected, super charged, blown motor i forget the cubic inches at the moment but each team builds their own engine on account of they must be replaced/ re built every like… 4 shows max.

  2. @LinkinParkLover90 Basicly all the trucks that were in Monster Truck madness 2 pc game =D Karolina Crusher, Rampage, Black stallion.. don’t think i need to go on =D

  3. Very, very prakticable in town:
    1. You just drive over da traffic jam
    2. You if there’s no place to park, you just park over the others :D

  4. This video title should say, “Monster Truck doing a doughnut….” Because I only saw 1 doughnut.

  5. Love old fords would have gave u more money for that trucks than u have likes just saying

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