Ms. Frizzle Made The March For Science Protests Magical

Scientists, professors, researchers and concerned citizens gathered by the thousands on Saturday in honor of Earth Day and in solidarity with the nationwide March for Science protests.

One pro-science celebrity, however, stood out from the crowds. Like magic, she made an appearance at several of the 600 marches that took place across the country. She probably traveled there on a big yellow bus.

Have you met Ms. Frizzle?

More than a dozen people rallied on Saturday as the quirky redheaded science teacher from the popular TV series, The Magic School Bus.

Devoted protesters fashioned their best Ms. Frizzle costumes with galactic dresses, bright curly wigs and in some cases, with Lizzy the Lizard by their side. Other protesters paid homage to the elementary school teacher by depicting her as Lady Liberty.

The March for Science protest was held nationwide to show President Donald Trump that science deserves a seat at the table in the White House.

So far in 2017, the Trump administration has made moves that put science and research on the back burner especially when it comes to climate change.Not only did Trump once call climate change a hoax, he put Scott Pruitt, a man who doesnt believe humans are the primary cause of climate change, in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency. Trump has also slashed regulations that protect U.S. waterways from coal mining operations, rolled back standards on car pollution and even removed the word science from the EPAs office of Science and Technology mission statement.

And thats not all the damage Trump has done in the name of environmental policy. (You can find all of thathere.)

It makes one wish that the real Ms. Frizzle would stop by the White House on her Magic School Bus to spark some scientific sense into the Trump administration.

Fortunately, the teachers substitutes were out in full force Saturday, even braving the rain in some cases to send the president a message. Like Ms. Frizzle would always say, Take chances. Make mistakes. Get messy!

Check out some of the best Magic School Bus looks from the marches below.

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