Obama’s photographer always has the perfect Instagram to counter 2017

U.S. President Barack Obama signs a bill as White House photographer Pete Souza takes pictures behind him in the Oval Office.
Image: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Whenever President Donald Trump or Republican members of Congress do something that leads to stunned and outraged headlines, the photographer of former President Barack Obama seems to have a countering image at the ready.

He was again prepared on Thursday, as Republican members of the House of Representatives prepared to pass a bill that would eradicate the Affordable Care Act in favor of a plan that would likely wipe out insurance coverage for millions. Many members of Congress haven’t even had time to read the new bill.

The House has since passed that bill, but former White House photographer Pete Souza had his bittersweet photo ready for Instagram hours before.

Trump’s photographer could perhaps do something similar after he’s left office, but she doesn’t seem to have quite the same access Souza did.

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