Oklahoma Cop Who Killed Unarmed Black Man Found Not Guilty Of Manslaughter

The white police officer who fatally shot Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man whose car stalled in the middle of the road in Tulsa, Oklahoma last year, was found not guilty of first-degree murder on Wednesday evening.

Jurorsdeliberated for nine hours before acquitting the officer, 42-year-old Betty Shelby.

Shelby was responding to an unrelated callon Sept. 16, 2016, when she approached Crutchers vehicle. According to CNN, Shelby said she fired at Crutcher, 40, because he reached into his car.

On Monday, she told the court that she feared for her life.

The Tulsa Police Department claimed that Crutcher failed to comply with orders from Shelby and the other officers who were on the scene. Videos of the incident, which captured several angles of the shooting, showed police with their guns pointed at Crutcher as he calmly walked toward his car with his hands above his head.

After the fatal shooting, Shelby wascharged with felony manslaughter.

Her attorneys claimed she feared Crutcher wasunder the influence of PCP, a hallucinogenic drug. Policefound PCP in Crutchers car, and an autopsy report later revealed that Crutcher had the drug in his system at the time of his death.

Crutchers family, whomaintain that the shooting was unjustified, accused the police of using the drug possession to deflect attention from the fact that Crutcher was unarmed when police shot him, The Associated Press reported.

Crutchers twin sister Tiffany told reporters after the shooting that he was a father who was just trying to make his family proud.

That big bad dude was a father. That big bad dude was a son. That big bad dude was enrolled at Tulsa Community College, Tiffany Crutcher said. She added that Crutcherloved God and would sing at church every week. Friends of Crutcher described him to The Associated Press as a friendly and generous person who went to church and was trying to turn his life around.

During the trial, prosecutors argued that Shelby overreacted, and pointed out that Crutcher was not acting combative when he was confronted by police, per ABC News.

Crutchers family said they weredisappointed by the verdict, NBC News reported, and called the Tulsa Police Department corrupt. At a press conference, Tiffany Crutcher accused police of a cover-up.

All the elements of manslaughter was there, she said. Terences hands were up. Terence did not attack her, Terence did not charge her. Terence was not the aggressor, Betty Shelby was the aggressor.

About 100 protestors who gatheredoutside of the courthouseyelled Hands up! Dont shoot!after the verdict was handed down, the Tulsa World reported.

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (R) then asked residents and protestors to respect the verdict and remain calm.

Those who disagree with the verdict have the right to express their opinions, Fallin said in an official statement. I just ask that they do so in a peaceful manner.

Hours later, peaceful demonstrators collected outside of the Mayo Hotel in downtown Tulsa, where Shelby is believed to be staying, per Fox 23 News.

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