Radical Race Truck: Chevy C10R – /BIG MUSCLE

Proof that with the right engineering and work, any vehicle can go fast. Even a truck.

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    1. It’s a truck that she is actually going to race. They wont tell you about
      the suspension because they don’t want someone to take their ideas to the

    2. TheUltimateFish They aren’t doing anything any different than anyone else,
      tubular control arms as seen, most likely a drop member with coilovers. The
      rear is most definitely four-link accompanied by a panhard bar with
      coilovers. There’s absolutely no reason to not show the suspension and give
      some info…

  1. 335 on all four corners!!! You have got to be kidding me. I have never
    heard of any vehicle running that size tire on every wheel. I know his
    window is down but I think they really need a better sound deadener in it.

    1. I dunno…………..with the weight of the engine being so far forward, it
      probably needs that wide a tire, rear wing, and front spoiler to give it
      some ability to go around a corner.

  2. This is exactly what i want (and wanted) to do to my 69 GMC 1500 (same body
    style same everything outside of the grille, GMC has 4 small while Chev has
    2 large)

  3. the only thing I dislike about this build is the rear wing…Despite it
    being “functional” as claimed it’s more for show.. Should have done a
    NASCAR truck style wing. Would’ve looked much cleaner and probably would’ve
    worked better.

  4. I wanna say I’m glad to see this I’m in the process of building my own 69
    C10 thanks for the ideas

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