Son Records Moment Police Officer Begins To Walk Alongside Missing Mom With Dementia

OnMarch 3, Frank Garnerof Fort Worth, Texas, realized his 76-year-old momGerri Stewart had gone wandering off on her own, apparently confused.

Stewart suffers from dementia, and though she is in goodphysical health, Garner has witnessed the effect the condition has had on her mind.

Using the tracker on her cell phone, Garner got into his car and eventually found his mom.

Stewart had traveled six miles away from home.

Once he reached her, he tried to get her to get inside the car andcome back home. Stewart, apparently still confused, refused his help, claiming that she knew exactly where she was going.

Garner called 911.

When Officer Ryan Bowlen arrived to the scene, he quickly assured Garner he knew what to do.

Instead of bringing Stewart back by force or some other technique, Garner began to follow her until he was walking alongside her, keeping pace with her, and just talking. Garner was so moved, he decided to film them.

“Wherever she went, he went,” said Garner. “That was touching. It was showing me the human side of our men and women in blue.”

What she’s going through my own grandmother is going through. This is something I’m familiar with, the officer said. Sometimes, the best tools we have at our disposal is just to relate, to just talk, connect with people on a personal level.”

More officers arrived on the scene, and together, they kept Stewart safe and happy before bringing her back to Garner’s car.

I support the Fort Worth Police for a million reasons other than this. But stuff like this continues to be my reassurance, Garnersaid.

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