Teen Opens Front Door On Birthday, Realizes Cops Showed Up At His House Before School

Thirteen-year-old Tyler Biggs has been fighting brain cancer for years, butthrough it all, he’s stayed positive, sticking to what makes him happy.

For the teen, it’s cops and dancing! He loves everything about policemen. His mother says that he watches all kinds of cops shows, too!

For his big birthday, Lexington police and firefighters organized aspecial surprise for the brave boy. Before he left for school, they showed up at his front door with his very own uniform and hat. He jumped in a squad car, and he and his new partner drove off.

When he arrived at the school, there were even more cops and firefighters there waiting for him! Students and staff watched as he was escorted to class, many of them understanding just how special this day would be for him.

Officers were even moved to tears by the fact that this young boy could find so much happiness in something so simple, despite his health struggles.

One of the officers told WKYT, “No kid should have to go through the stuff that he’s going through, but he’s doing it. He’s making the best of it. Sometimes you think, you know, you’ve got issues, or you’ve got problems going on, and then you see a kid like this, who is riding in a police car. That’s all he’s doing; having the time of his life!”

Watch the clip below, and you can see that this will be a birthday young Tyler will never forget!

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