Truckers Scary Dash Cam Footage Captures Strange Moment A Tiny Car Cuts Him Off

This truck driver is truly a saint, and when you watch his terrifying dash came footage you’ll easily see why.

He was driving down I-95 near Richmond, VA. when out of nowhere a car cut right in front of him. Without a moment’s notice the carthenslammed on the brakes and started a chain reaction that easily could have resulted in a giant pileup.

We’ve all had it happen to us at least once in our lives. We’re driving down the road, and suddenly we realize we’ve missed our exit or that we’re about to miss our exit. While it’s incredibly tempting to follow our initial instincts and pull hard over to the side so we can make the exit in time, we must always remember that there are other people on the road!

This car seemed to completely forget about the truckrightbehind them, and when they realized they were going to miss their exit they forgot about everything else in the entire world.

The truck driver stated,“This is probably one of the scariest incidents I’ve had on the road… The car jumped in front of me with not more than 12 feet clearance then slammed on the brakes, couldn’t jump to the left because of another truck passing me. It was either slam on the brakes or nail the car.”

The trucker slammed the brakes, which almost caused another truck to get into a horrible wreck. While this all looks very scary, we’re happy to say that no one was injured. Hopefully sharing this video will help everyone remember thatnothingis worth putting your life, or the lives of others, at risk!

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Source: No Way Out by ViralHog on Rumble

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