TX2K13 – 1100hp Truck smokes Supercharged Viper

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One of the more entertaining match-ups from Saturday at Hennessey's Lonestar Motorsports Park during TX2K13's drag strip day.

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This article has 54 Comments

    1. And do what with it?
      Unless you live somewhere like California, a car like that is useless.
      Where I live, you couldn’t even get out of my driveway over half the year in anything less than an SUV

  1. what I see is a vehicle with 1900,lb. ft of torque and 4wd beating a car that obviously isn’t supercharged and only powers the rear…not hard to guess which one should win. 11.01 is very quick for that truck, but there’s all motor civics that run that and can be daily driven.

    1. +hartsickdisciple my 2000 dodge 2500 diesel has been weighed multiple times at the crop production scale here, it weighs 7400 lbs

    2. +Rusty Shackleford I wonder how much meat there is in that block to maybe allow further drilling and tapping, for using longer head studs?

    3. +sstroh08 qclb 2004 dodge weighs 8200 unloaded with a me in the seat, so subtract 250

    4. +ethan adkins mine is quad cab too [ the one with the suicide doors] but it is a short bed

  2. America… the only place that makes and allows Cars/Trucks like that on the road but won’t allow imports due to “emissions”

    1. +ArseholeTroll Yeah there are people that actually want their trucks to smoke like that. Waste of fuel. I don’t get it. My truck is tuned for economy and it doesn’t smoke one bit. Not even white smoke. 

    1. The truck can also be daily driven hauling 4 people in all seasons on and off road while getting an average 22 mpg, and also haul up to 24,000 lbs. All of which a Viper cannot do.

      The truck driver probably has $50-60k into his truck.

    2. +ChargedTTq This one can’t haul anything, because he has Nitrous/Propane in the back.

    1. +XShadowHazeX  what’s really sad is even that  Supra got DESTROYED by that  truck  so  it  didn’t even break into the   12’s    what a GARBAGE HEAP!

    2. +bud385 I actually couldn’t believe that the truck destroyed the Supra. Supras are really hard to beat..

    3. +XShadowHazeX that Cummins just ATE the best   PULLED VIPER SANDWICH  it  ever  DEMOLISHED!

  3. Viper runs 11s out of the box and even a 10.94 bone stock. If you can’t run low 11s with a supercharger you’re doing it wrong

    1. +gormonk actually FWD car will be even lighter than RWD car, because u don’t need a drive-shaft to send the power to the rear/back. But idk why super-cars don’t use FWD

    2. Considering how fast they go, if they had FWD they’d end up spinning out going around a corner at high speeds.

    1. That Toyota Supra; even with a slow response time at the green,  did a 121.16mph to the truck’s 119.19mph so… yeah – the Supra smoked the Diesel truck bad.

  4. Its cool that you can mod some diesel engines that are computer controlled to have as much power as this (maybe not quite) in one mode and get good emissions and mileage in another mode.

  5. really sorry.. but it doesnt matter how you build a Dodge diesel.. they
    just sound terrible with opened exhausts. …like a rice burner on
    steroids. i was wanting to see if 1100 horses in dodge would sound
    better. i will admit though.. she runs like a champ.. impressive

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