Vets Shave Gorillas Belly For Ultrasound, But Do A Double-Take When They See Infants Image

With the number of western lowland gorillas declining in the wild, zoos such as the Riverbanks Zoo in South Carolina are doing all they can to ensure the survival of the species. Zookeepers and vets there were thrilled to find out that an 11-year-old gorilla named Macy had gotten pregnant, and were anxiously monitoring the animal’s progress.

Caring for a pregnant animal is no easy feat for the vets, who check up on Macy and other gorillas at least twice a day. They are able to communicate with her through a system of clicks and positive reinforcement, which recently allowed them to perform an ultrasound to check on the growing baby.

A news crew from WISwas invited to witness the checkup, and the footage is incredible: not only is Macy patient and obedient, following all of the vets’ requests, but she even allowed them to shave her belly so that the ultrasound picture can be clear. She didn’t even appear to bebothered by the cameras!

Then, in a moment that had everyone’s hearts racing, they saw the baby’s heart beating, nice and strong. The little white dots on the picture indicated the formation of the spine or the ribs all in all, a sign that everything was coming along as it should.

Zookeepers will be keeping a close eye on Macy, monitoring her diet and medicine to ensure the best possible care. In less than eight months, she’ll be ready to give birth!

We can’t wait to see the little one grow up big and strong!

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