Wonderful accounts of love pop up after Taiwan same-sex marriage ruling

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In a landmark development on Wednesday (May 24), Taiwan’s top court issued a ruling that would pave the way for the island to become the first territory in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage.

10 of the top court’s 14 judges voted to rule that marriage should not be restricted to a man and a woman. The island’s government has two years to implement the ruling, failing which same sex marriages will automatically be allowed.

The ruling saw couples in the country expressing their love for each other in various Instagram, Facebook and Dcard posts, with many hoping to get married after same-sex marriage has been made officially legal in the island.

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“I really didn’t come to the wrong place,” writes Cheung Ka-Ying, who moved to Taiwan with her partner three years ago. “I don’t have a lot of friends here, but there’s a lot people who identify as part of the LGBTQ community, or are allies, and my life has been freer than when I was in Hong Kong.”

“Every time there was a pride parade, we’d find a way to attend, because we’d feel comfortable there,” Cheung added. “It felt like I was at home, where you could really be yourself… So many people have faced so many problems, and so much unfairness, and even though marriage equality is now legal, I don’t think [anti-marriage equality activists] will quietly accept so. But we’ve gotten the most basic protections… and now we’ll use our actions to change people’s views for the better.”

Her partner also posted on Instagram:

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“You’ll be my wife in two years, and be my partner for life,” Yang, Cheung’s partner, wrote. “Well even though I’m going to marry you, you’re still gonna have to think about how to propose to me.”

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“Congrats that marriage equality is going to be legal! If we marry, will you come to our wedding?” Wu Wei-jie writes.

To which people reply:

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“Of course!”
“Definitely, haha.”
“Wu Wei-jie, this is too awesome!”

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“We’ll get to be together, officially, after two years!” says Lean Hu. “I’m just waiting for Ting [Hu’s partner] to propose to me!”


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“Dearie, we’d get to marry soon! Marriage equality isn’t a dream,” writes Lin.

“After studying four and a half years of law, today’s judgement from the Grand Justices remain my most unforgettable constitutional ruling,” writes this couple, who have been together for 15 years and wed informally in 2011. “Even with the rain, we’ve seen rainbows tonight. Tomorrow is a better place, if we love, and continue believing in love.”

Even more accounts of love flooded Dcard, an anonymous confessions portal similar to Whisper:

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“I’m marrying you,” writes this anonymous poster. “I was just worrying how I could get a green card to the U.S. so we could marry, but the ruling today made us both want to cry.”

“I’ll definitely propose in five years. You probably can’t see this, but this is a promise to myself, and I’ll bring this to you and tell you that I’d always wanted to marry you. Wait for me.”

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“We just graduated this year, and got into two different Masters’ programs,” said this poster. “We’ll head into a long distance relationship [between Hsinchu and Taipei] in a month – and so we’ve been treasuring the time we spend together.”

“Just so happened that the ruling came out today. It’s like a new milestone, maybe we’ll both be getting our Masters’ degrees then. So I told [my partner]: ‘When we graduate, please marry me!'” she adds.

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“My mother congratulated me today,” this anonymous user from Tunghai University said. “She told me there was something important, and showed me the news about the ruling… and she congratulated me.”

“You can finally marry a wife,” she quoted her mother as saying. “You can be with the woman you love, be together, legally, in this country… My daughter can put on her identity card the name of the person she loves.”

“You have to be responsible, and take care of me and your wife,” her mother added. “If I like your girlfriend, and if you’re ready, I’ll definitely hold a wedding for you! A big banquet where everyone is there.”

“I just felt emotional when she said that,” the user added. “But I’m single! Please introduce someone to me. Thank you mum. Oddly, you’re happier than me over this.”


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