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music in video – diviners tropic love remix

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  1. Nothing ‘stock’ in that truck …
    I bet you there is over $150,000 under the hood …

    1. ass347… how so? I threw up facts and prices to back it up…

      Or are you a lambo fanboy with pretty hair and manicured nails?

      (and bonus points for using “you’re” instead of “your.”

    2. Squarebody Case /Wade McKenney There’s no such thing as a bone stock 632
      lol. The biggest production engine you can buy is a 572 crate engine then
      bore it and whatnot. Whats your definition of bone stock?

    3. Mike Kralj I don’t get it, you get called a moron and while I don’t know
      the exact prices I can’t see you being way off but someone who calls a 632
      ‘stock’ gets off?

    1. +Jurrien Nelson NO leave it the way it is if he goes pro mod he isnt road
      legal anymore if he goes lighter he wont get grip off the line

    1. Random Guy On Youtube lmao the lambo couldn’t hold an engine swap that big.
      It would literally drag the entire way

    1. Lambo has a better *lunch* time? Did you take your nap today? Just google
      Farmtruck. Its plenty fast and this is totally real.

    2. Look at his friggin profile pick, he’s a fuckboy who likes lambos cause he
      drives them on Grand theft auto and thinks he knows about cars.

  2. Piece of trash lambo… That thing sounds like a chainsaw…. I really
    don’t understand why so much people like super cars

    1. +Brian D Also your telling me you like this piece of trash lambo that
      sounds like a chainsaw and takes ages to get anywhere near it max speed
      limit now i’m not saying I would get a drag car like this i’m just saying I
      would build one

    2. +Brian D Dude I am not poor okay I have a roof over my head internet my
      brother is getting a 1,000 dollar PC. But that’s not the point why waste
      money on a crap chainsaw when I could just get a cool, awesome fun drag car
      also what does my age have anything to do with this
      argument……………..but I know this wont help because your just going
      to say some 12 year old insult that means nothing.

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