Young Girl Yells No Way! And Breaks Down When She Sees New Puppy Her Dad Brings Her

I can still remember the outlandish reactions I used to have whenever my parents surprised me with some good news, or a gift. To a kid, something so simple can become so amazing, and their reactions are absolutely priceless. Like this little girl who was surprised with a kitten, the daughter in the video you are about to watch below has such a pure, heartwarming reaction to the news of a surprise puppy.

I dare you not to say “aww!”

In the video, the young girl is entertaining herself with a coloring book outside on what looks to be a beautiful summer day.

Her mom is sitting across from her, filming.

The daughter doesn’t notice her Dad’s blue pickup truck pulling into the driveway behind her she’s too preoccupied with wondering why her Mom is recording her.

As Dad begins to get out of his truck, Mom stands up with her camera, and again, the young girl just refuses to be recorded.

That is, until Dad calls her name.

She turns her head, and when she sees the tiny puppy in the grass, she screams “No way!” and rushes out to greet the pup.

But it is when Dad said two simple words that the girl truly lost it: “It’s yours.”

Just check out her reaction at hearing that she was the proud owner of a new puppy!

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