Cars kids animation. Truck animation for children. Race Car kids movie. Trucks for children color.




Cars kids animation. Truck animation for children. Race Car kids movie. Trucks for children color.
Hello! Today I travel on my new monster truck. I went out of town, where there is no asphalt, only some stones and sand. And the wheels of monster truck are heavy, they raise a dust, that it is difficult to see anything. Windows all in the dust, and the whole car is also very dirty. It is necessary to wash it – so I'm going to the car wash.
Oh! There is a line here – the small Smart car is in front of me. Let’s wait! It only takes a few minutes, because the automatic washing system does its job very quickly! Now Smart is going to be washed, and then my turn! Ok! Done wash! I told you – everything very quickly! We are going in the tunnel – at the same time we are going to see what it looks like inside a car wash.
This car wash is one where a car is washed by various automatic devices, so it is called – an automatic car wash.
Car wash consists of several parts, and each has its own task. First the car is watered, washing away the sand, pieces of the ground – all the dirt that has adhered to the vehicle body.
I'm just going in the first compartment of a car wash, and the water is supplied on the car from above with a few special openings under very strong pressure. That is quickly wash off the top layer of dirt. You see, the water supply comes from different directions – top, side, even at the level of the wheels. At the same time car’s body, and its roof and windows, and wheels are washed!
After a wash with water on all sides, we drive to the next section – now a lot of foam will be caused on top of the car. See this foam is so white and thick that now our big SUV looks like a snowdrift.))))))) wow!
Once on the monster truck caused the foam, we go to the compartment with a large brush set. They will rub the car, wash foam out and clean the dirt that left on the car after washing with water. Long vertical brushes are needed to clean the car body, and small brushes – to clean the bottom of the wheels. Another brush on top, you can see, it is round, such as the wheel, cleans the windshield, the roof of the car, and even a spare tire in the trunk.
After cleaning, the car is watered under strong pressure again. Water washes away the remnants of the foam and the car becomes very clean.
Now we only have to dry our SUV. We are going in the compartment where on top of the car the hot air is supplied – it's like hairdryer, but very large.
Well – car washing is done . We go out of the tunnel. Wow! Wow! Monster truck is now as good as new – such a brilliant and bright! And it's just a few minutes!
I am very pleased with the car wash! It is convenient that the driver can stay in the car and watch his car washed. And you need just a few minutes! Do you guys like? Liked? Then, see you soon! Bye! BEEP!!!!
Co-authored with AIR MCN

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