Dream’s Melissa Schuman Isn’t The First Person To Accuse Nick Carter Of Sexual Assault

When the men left the home, the victim called her boyfriend and a friend for help, but they couldn’t do much because she didn’t know where she was. Upon Carter and co.’s return, the complainant pretended to be asleep. This reportedly did not dissuade Rob from attempting to assault her again. The accuser added:

“Rob came and he had his, you know his dick out and he was trying to unbutton my pants and I would – you know, that’s when I just pushed him away. I said, ‘I’m tired. I can’t do this.’ I was like, ‘Just leave me alone.'”

In her statement, the woman said both Carter and Kalouch forced her to put her mouth on their genitals without consent. The young woman returned home on March 27, where she had a sexual assault examination kit completed at a hospital. She also reported the incident the West Allis Police Department.

Nick and Rob both refused to speak to investigators and no charges were ever brought against the friends. The case was eventually closed in June 2006. On why no legal action was pursued, a detective wrote in the report:

“The case has been thoroughly investigated, but because of your desire not to pursue or file charges, or due to other arrangements made with the suspect, no further action will be taken by us at this time.”

Carter’s rep has since downplayed this controversy, as they noted in the following statement:

“The fact is that there was insufficient evidence to charge my client (or the friend for that matter), and therefore no charges were ever pursued by the District Attorney. Nick had no physical contact whatsoever with the woman, and definitely did not ‘force her to perform oral sex on him’ or ‘insert his fingers in her vagina.’ The woman fabricated the claims against Nick for one simple reason – she was hoping to extort money from him.”


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