Glitch in the Matrix? How did this kid survive this insane accident?

It’s unclear if this kid actually knows just how lucky he truly is.

Two boys were biking home from school in Ha Noi, Vietnam earlier this month when they came across a truck approaching them slowly. The boys pulled over to the side of the narrow road to let the truck pass, but one of the boys lost his balance.

After going up on the small curb, the boy lost momentum, and toppled over into the street just as the truck was passing. Somehow, be it sheer luck or quick reflexes from the truck driver, the boy escaped getting run over, though it appears his backpack was underneath the truck’s tire. 

A good samaritan rushed to the boy’s aid the moment he fell over, and it appears as if he was unscathed aside from maybe a few scratches from falling.

We’re not sure it would have helped in this situation, but helmets, people.

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