Mom Of A Girl With ADHD Has An Important Message After One Truly Awful Encounter

Moms face judgment from all sides both online and in real life.

No matter how you choose to parent, someone else will have a different idea of how you should be disciplining your children. For the most part, people know to keep their opinions to themselves, especially in public. Unfortunately, there are a number of people that feel the need to confront parents with “advice” when they’re just going about their days and minding their own business. What they don’t realize is how hurtful interactions like these can be.

One woman is speaking out about her experience and sharing her parenting struggle, and it’s inspiring others.

Taylor Myers is a young mom with a son and daughter. Her daughter has ADHD, which can make her difficult in public sometimes.

She’s learned to ignore her daughter’s tantrums and not give in, but recently one woman in line at Walmart decided to chime in with some “advice.” The woman clearly just wanted to quiet the girl because she was annoyed.

Myers says she reacted badly, but the photo she posted from the car afterward showed just how upset the incident made her — and the kids.

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