This Nokia 3310 celebrates the unbreakable bond between Trump and Putin

When you truly believe in something, you will spare no expense to show off your beliefs to everyone.

So if you’re a fan of old phones, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and very expensive metals, we have a phone for you: The Caviar Nokia 3310 Putin-Trump Summit edition.

The phone, spotted by TechCrunch on Thursday, is an elaborate redesign of the new Nokia 3310 by the Russian company Caviar, which already has a version of the same phone with Putin’s face engraved on it.

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But the new model, which will set you back around $2,464, is just so much better. Instead of one powerful world leader, you get two, and you also get to celebrate the spirit of friendship between Russia and America’s presidents. Besides the engraved heads and names of Putin and Trump, other subtle details, like the little knot on the menu button, hint on the unbreakable bond these two leaders share.

Just like the friendship between Trump and Putin, this Nokia 3310 is tough, hard, and durable. Encased in titanium, damascus steel and gold, it will likely endure any hardship you subject it to.

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