Truck of kids. Truck videos. Vehicle Cartoons. Truck children. Kids Car race. Cars children Cartoon.


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Truck of kids. Truck videos. Vehicle Cartoons. Truck children. Kids Car race. Cars children Cartoon.
Hello my friends! How are you? Today I have to travel to another city. Will you come with me? I have an important task – it is necessary to bring the excavator on the construction site. It is not so far, but today I am driving the truck, and with such a heavy load – the road will be long.
So, here is a lorry which is hitched with platform. We will transport the excavator on it. Now the part of the platform is going down so this big machine can go on top. Well, excavator is here – we can start the journey! Let’s Go!
We are going to go around the city very slow. For these trucks like ours, speed is limited, especially when they move around the city or other locality. We must remember that in the city narrow roads. Typically, they consist of only two lanes. On one-lane, vehicles move straight, on the other – vehicles move towards other lane. Also there are many pedestrian crossings in the city, before each you need to stop and let the pedestrians to pass – so high speed does not particularly work.
That's what I said – the crosswalk. Look – traffic light is red, and there is a sign with the word "STOP" for motorists. You see, there is a road sign in the form of a blue square, and in the center of it the man who walks – it is a sign for pedestrian crossing. And here is a sign in the form of a triangle, it says to the driver that it is necessary to give way. And here is the traffic light for cars turned green – go!
We passed a crossroads with you. And so a narrow urban road began. Look, there are only two lanes, on one side there is a sidewalk for pedestrians, and on the other – a place for parking. Oh, the ambulance rushed. It is allowed – emergency lights turned on, you hear a signal? It is in a hurry to help someone , so we are obliged to give it the road.
Well, we are leaving the city. Now we can add speed and go faster. Now the road is expanded, you see, on each side there are three lanes. This is a special road, which connects the two cities. This road is called the highway. Now we can increase the speed. Oh, look, this is an overpass. We are going to pass under it. Overpass looks like bridge. Only difference is that the bridge is built over the water, and the overpass is over the road – so vehicles could move in the right direction, and not to create traffic jams. There is a traffic police post on the left side – the blue building. This police keeps order on the road, so that drivers do not violate traffic rules. Typically, these police post is located before entrance into the city, and watch the driver go on the allowed speed.
Ok!!!! We entered the city. Look here is still wide road and there are not so many cars. So we go with no problems and congestion. This city is new, so the road is wider than in our city. There are four lanes into the city, and on top, we can see signs with arrows that show the movement forward, and those who have to turn to the right – should use the first lane – a road sign explains it all.
I was told that the construction site we need is at the beginning of the city, there should be a large factory building on the right side, and after that, we need to turn right. I think we will be there soon. Again, we are passing under the overpass. In big cities, they are built very often – to relieve the heavy traffic.
So, there is a pedestrian crossing and the traffic light is red. We stop. Please note my friends; the top sign is in the form of a yellow rhombus (diamond) means a main road.
So, here the yellow light came on. Now Green – let’s go. Turn on the right turn – see green arrow blinks on the control panel. Turn, somewhere not far from here should be the construction site, where we are taking an excavator. There is a plant on the right side, and that's right, there is an entrance to the construction site. Now the gate will be opened. Finally we got to the right place, to be honest, I am a bit tired. Wow, all work stopped here. Waiting for our excavator!
Well, my dear friends, how did you like our journey today? It was interesting to go from one city to another. We have seen so many new road signs, learned what the highway is, and find the difference between the overpass and the bridge. Well!!! We did a good job – brought the excavator to the construction site. I drove a truck!!! It was fun! See you soon!!!!! BEEP! BEEP!
Co-authored with AIR MCN

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