When This Adorable Elephant Saw A Potato Truck Go By, It Knew Exactly What To Do

You know when you see a friend eating fries and you can’t help but snatch one (or 10) for yourself because they look so tasty? This cutie can definitely relate.

An adorable elephant in West Bengal, India, recently saw a truck loaded with potatoes driving by in the Garhbeta forest. Not wanting to waste an opportunity to grab some free food, it walked in front of the truck, effectively stopping it, then dug right in to some delicious potatoes.

Bystanders tried throwing firecrackers and yelling at the elephant to scare it off, but nothing was going to stop this hungry critter from getting its snack on. You can’t blame the critter for loving a good starch-fest!

(via Daily Mail)

After eating its fill, the elephant walked off into the forest, unharmed and completely unbothered. That, my friends, is what it’s like to live the dream.

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