White House Says Trump Was ‘Making A Joke’ When He Endorsed Police Brutality

President Donald Trump was just joking when he suggestedpolice officers should let suspects heads bangagainst the doors of their police cars or so White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said she believed on Monday.

Trump made the remark last week while speaking to law enforcement officers on Long Island, New York.

When you see these towns and when you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon, you just see them thrown in, rough, and I said, Please dont be too nice, Trump explained.Like when you guys put somebody in the car and youre protecting their head, you know, the way you put their hand over, like, dont hit their head and theyve just killed somebody, dont hit their head, I said, You can take the hand away, OK?

This comment, Sanders claimed, was meant in jest.

I believe he was making a joke at the time, she said.

While Trumps audience last Friday laughed and cheered in response, police departments across the country soon condemned his remarks as inappropriate.

To suggest that police officers apply any standard in the use of force other than what is reasonable and necessary is irresponsible, unprofessional and sends the wrong message to law enforcement as well as the public, said the New York Police Departments commissioner, James ONeill.

The Boston Police Departments priority has been and continues to be building relationships and trust with the community we serve, said Boston police commissioner William Evans. As a police department we are committed to helping people, not harming them.

The comments also drew criticism from police headquarters in Suffolk County, where Trump made the remarks.

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